About Skylar Vanden Bosch

Hi there!

My name is Skylar Vanden Bosch and I am a hardworking, detail-oriented, and driven Drake University advertising student with a passion for writing. I’m serving as an executive assistant and marketing co-chair for Drake’s Kappa Alpha Theta chapter. I’m currently a junior in college looking for more experience in the advertising/copywriting field. 

I’m a transfer student from the University of Iowa where I studied journalism and mass communications until COVID-19 halted in-person classes. After realizing that my interests aligned more with the creative side of advertising, I left Iowa to continue my education at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and started working part-time at Scratch Cupcakery.


During that time, I took a video productions class where I got hands-on production experience. I worked for DMACC’s culinary display videos as a producer, DMACC’s WET program video as a production assistant, and director of photography/editor for multiple short films.

This class required traveling throughout Iowa, learning many film techniques, and having an eye for detail. Working on solely student-produced films expanded my horizons and helped me realize my strength. Because not only did I succeed in that class, but I also balanced my other four classes and my part-time job.

My time at Scratch Cupcakery gave me the right experience I needed for customer service. I managed the kitchen front and was able to talk to so many incredible customers. Because of my experience there, I feel better knowing I helped others get the perfect decoration/ cake for their day. After my spring semester, I completed a summer course and transferred to Drake University. 

Time at Drake University

I began my advertising degree in the fall of 2021 and am anticipating my graduation date in the spring of 2023. I’ve been involved with DMACC Banner News during my time at DMACC as a guest writer and am continuing my passion for journalism as a contributing writer for the Times Delphic.

I’ve been able to boost my grades so much that I’m applicable to the dean’s list for spring 2022. Despite commuting and transferring, I have made my social mark at Drake by accepting job positions at my sorority.

Thankfully I’ve been a part of the Beta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta and I’ve gotten a job and marketing co-chair position in the spang of a semester. 

I’m still a hardworking, empathetic, creative, and detail-oriented person at heart with a drive to learn. I can’t wait to expand my knowledge of advertising and writing as a potential intern!

-Skylar Vanden Bosch